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Phone Healing Sessions

Silhouette of Jesus giving helping hand with sunset background

Healing over the phone seems remarkable and miraculous, but when your super-bio-computer of a body/mind/spirit receives the right energetic information and frequency, it corrects itself and releases any distortions that are compromising the body’s internal and external communication.

The energy of our feelings, thoughts, and life events are constantly at play in our lives. Sometimes we carry programs and beliefs that do not support the life we want to create, resulting in a struggle to know how or what to let go of. The “stuck-ness” is usually not rational, yet we try to figure it out logically.

If you are struggling with any situation in your life, you can get in touch with Krishna Guruji. In a telephone session, you can connect with him over a call and he will heal you of any of your mental or physical issue. If you need immediate healing, Guruji is ready to heal 24*7, Call Mobile +91-9826070286 or +91-9981170284.