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Marriage Astro Healing

Marriage Astro Blessings
By World Renowned Spiritual Healer
Shri Krishna Guruji
Blessings from Krishna Guruji
Today is your wedding day. A day of joy and love. May it turn out to be magical, with blessings from the Heavens above.......
My Intentions Behind Offering Marriage Astro Blessings
“I sincerely want to offer my blessings and healing to the newly married couple by healing their Nav-Grahas…That’s all my sincere intentions are!”
Divine Astro Healer Krishna Guruji
What is Marriage Astro Blessing?
Marriage Astro Blessing is a session where Divine Astro Healer Shri Krishna Guruji with his Spiritual Power will heal the newly wed couple’s Graha-Nakshatras and offer Astro Healing to all the guests during the Ganesh Pujan. Then all the guests will collectively give blessings to the newly wed couple. Marriage Astro Blessing is a new healing process which works as a remedy for any negative astrological placement or movement of Grahas of the Bride and Groom, so that they can start their journey of marital bliss with complete healing of their Graha Nakshatras collectively.
How will the Marriage Astro Blessing work?
In the Marriage Astro Blessing process, Divine Astro Healer Shri Krishna Guruji will first heal all the marriage invitees along with the Bride & Groom parents and everyone who is around and who has come to attend the wedding. After healing everyone, Krishna Guruji and all the people will collectively shower their Divine Blessings on the newly married couple.
What will be the Result of Marriage Astro Blessing?
~When the Nav-Grahas and Nakshatras of the Bride and Groom are in a complete Cosmic Sync, then there will not be any hindrances in their matrimony. ~With Marriage Astro Blessing, Krishna Guruji will bless the newly married couple that no bad influence of the Graha Nakshatras come across their way…so that they enjoy this blissful marital alliance!
Marriage Astro Blessing – A Journey starts..
Krishna Guruji gives Marriage Astro Blessing to various couples across the world. Have a look at the wonderful couple – Groom from Singapore and Bride from Hong Kong in the Gallery Section. The marriage took place in Phuket in 2017 .
Divine Astro Healer Shri Krishna Guruji
Krishna Guruji is a simple man, or rather a common man like anyone in the society, but his thought that a simple man has the power to change and heal the world made him realize his hidden intuitive powers. He is a healer and motivator who has been helping people all over the world. Guruji started healing people all over world through different means of communications once he realized the healing powers he had and understood the real aim of his life. Guruji has made his objective to spread the awareness of this innate healing power that resides in all of us, and help create a stress-free society. He is relentless in helping people overcome their problems, whether physical, emotional, monetary or relational. His passion to heal people from all walks of life in every possible way is evident in his hectic daily schedule through the healing sessions with his followers from around the world. He heals people from all over the world from 6pm to 2am daily, however, in case of any health related exigency, he is available 24x7.
Weekly Astro Healing Session
Free Weekly Healing Sessions, every Saturday 9:30 pm IST. This is absolutely free group healing session that takes place on Zoom.
ZOOM ID: 2835898048
“True Healing Happens when Unconditional Love and Unlimited Compassion Blossoms in you Heart”
Shri Krishna Guruji

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