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Krishnakant Mishra also known as Krishna Guruji is a simple human being with a DEEP DESIRE, PASSION and INNER CALLING to heal people of their ailments (physical and mental), agony (relationship, stress in life). He wants people to enrich themselves to lead a stress-free life with good physical & mental health and to live their life to the fullest potential. He has worked over a decade to fulfil his mission of healing people of their problems with the DIVINE power bestowed on him. 

He is an unassuming person who hails from the holy Indian city of Indore. Certain events and incidents in his life made him deeply reflect on human suffering and the human potential to heal oneself and fellow human beings through yoga, meditation and intuition. He is a healer and a motivator. He has been helping people all over the world after he realized the purpose of his life. He believes that everyone has the ability to be a healer and that God is always blessing us and sending healing energy to us. He became aware of his own healing abilities in 1984 when he suffered from a severe brain tumour. Due to the size of the tumour, doctors did not believe that he would live. But thanks to the support of his family, he ended up surviving the operation, though was paralyzed on his right side. He says, “When God takes something away from you, he also gives you something in return”. It was the time that Krishna Guruji became aware of his growing intuitive abilities. Krishna Guruji developed a keen intuitive ability that led to meditating and focusing on his power. Through this process he has become a healer, helping numerous people across many countries.

Krishna Guruji’s Background

Shri Krishna Mishra was born in Dewas, a District in Madhya Pradesh. He completed his studies from Indore. He graduated in Science in 1981 from Holkar Science College, Indore. Due to the sudden death of his father at an early age, he had to struggle right from his childhood. However, his mother was a constant source of energy and motivation for him – boosting him morally, emotionally and spiritually.

Krishna Mishra was diagnosed with a brain tumor at a very young age in the year 1982. He had to undergo an operation for the same; after which his life entirely came to a stop. But thanks to the support of his family, specifically his mother, he could start his life all over again. His spirituality and confidence proved to be of immense power and he was able to conquer his physical handicap. That was the turning point of his life, wherein he decided to devote his life for helping others who have gone through such tough problems in life. With practice and devotion, he was able to connect spiritually to the Almighty and was blessed with spiritual powers.

Guruji is a well-recognized spiritual healer. He has been helping humanity for over a decade, offering his gift of healing to thousands of people all over the world.


Spiritual Journey

Guru Ji is a simple man, or rather a common man like anyone in the society, but his thought that a simple man has the power to change and heal the world made him realize his hidden intuitive powers. He is a healer and motivator who has been helping people all over the world. Guru Ji started healing people all over world through different means of communications once he realized the healing powers he had and understood the real aim of his life. Guru ji has made his objective to spread the awareness of this innate healing power that resides in all of us and help create a stress-free society. He is relentless in helping people overcome their problems, whether physical, emotional, monetary or relational. His passion to heal people from all walks of life in every possible way is evident in his hectic daily schedule through the healing sessions with his followers from around the world. He heals people from all over the world.

To celebrate Global Healing Day has been Krishna Guruji’s dream and he has marked 11th August every year as that Day. Motive behind this is to seek Divine blessings to grant good health and happiness to all living beings around the world.  

Also, Krishna Guruji is a social worker with the “Art of Living” and has provided free lessons to prison inmates. He was awarded the best teacher in 2014 for the “Prison Smart” course. As a Rotarian he has organized programs in Tihar Jail.  He is also a trained Yoga teacher and has organized many events on yoga across the world on International Yoga day.

Vision & Mission

Guruji’s main aim is to spread the awareness of innate healing power that resides inside all human beings and help to create a stress-free human society. His passion to heal people from all walks of life is evident from his hectic daily schedule (healing sessions) with his fans and followers from around the world. He wants every home to become his “Ashram” (spiritual resort) and everyone to be part of his extended family. His thinking is that we all deserve to live happily without stress and unnecessary suffering. He also wants to spread the true knowledge of the Vedas and Samhita* (*the essence) to enlighten the world by realizing the power within.  Guruji’s effort is to establish Gyan Sanhita (true essence of Vedic knowledge) in a practical way so that the younger generation of the 21th Century is attracted towards this divine knowledge.

He wants to coach, guide and empower people to connect to their own inner self and raise awareness to their immense internal power by which they can heal themselves of their own troubles, as well as of others; thereby spreading awareness of this DIVINE power, ultimately leading to a World without stress and suffering but full of HAPPINESS and JOY.


Achievements & Awards

  • Awarded Best Yoga Teacher by Madhya Pradesh Education Minister Deepak Joshi.
  • Invited to Champion’s Cricket Trophy on 1st April 2017 as the ‘Guest of Honour’– Organised by Padmashree and Former Captain of Indian Cricket team- Mr. Ajit Wadekar.
  • Awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by Golden Book of World Records for organising largest spiritual session on 6th January 2018 for the prisoners in Tihar Jail, Delhi. 
  • Awarded with Rashtiya Aaryogya Ratan Gaurav Samaan, from Surabhi Sahitya Sanskriti Academy, Khanwa (Madhya Pradesh) 
  • Felicitated by Zero Miles Foundation, Nagpur (Maharashtra) for Outstanding Social Service and achieving world record on International Yoga Day for yoga session at the highest altitude. 
  • Created World record on International Yoga Day (June 21, 2018) by performing and conducting yoga session for Kailash yatris at Mansarovar Lake at an elevation 3,640 meter marked in Golden Books of World Records.
  • Krishna Guruji has also been nominated for the fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India ‘Padma Shri’ for 2019 and 2020 by followers within India and world (USA, UK…)

Contribution to Society

With his new teaching in form of Divine Astro healing, Krishna Guruji has transformed many lives. People after practicing this have started healing themselves and their families not only for mental and physical sufferings but also mending relationships. Many of them have become Healers who are healing others as well. This has started a revolution in society to avoid medical help and dependence to a large extent. With the help of this, people are becoming aware not only to heal themselves but also to get connected with various other social causes thanks to inspiration from Guruji. This has resulted into a motivation for many people and they have started working for society. A small example is his invocation to work for leprous and blind people in Ganpati festival as Ganesh Vandana says that “ANDHAN KO AANKH DET KODIYON KO KAYA” and thousands of people got into this social cause donating for such fraternities. Similarly, he tries to connect every festival in such a way which becomes an inspiration for all followers to do something selflessly for society. Be it Gurupurab, Holi, Diwali, Id ul Juha, Christmas or any other festival, his ultimate aim is to get more and more people on ground who can help others through healing process or otherwise. His self-contribution and encouragement to others to work for welfare of prisoners and connecting them with main stream is commendable.


Contribution to the field

There are many meditation and healing techniques available in the world but generally all have become commercial. On the contrary, Krishna Guruji feels that this is a basic right of any human being and has made a revolutionary change by making this process learning cost free. Apart from cost, such gesture and selfless commitment from his side is motivating and inspiring thousands of people to work selfless for society creating a big transformation in common men thought process. On the other hand, he is working for various social causes without any NGO in place. This thought process has forced people to change the mindset and accept that charity can be done without an NGO which otherwise are growing like mushrooms and many such involved in wrongdoings. This is making people quite interested as they feel more connected with the cause an NGO not being in between without worrying for their efforts and money they want to put in for such social cause.